“Children Learning, Parents Earning, Communities Growing"

CAPPA Mission

To advocate for, and facilitate family access to, quality child care, supportive services and early education and development programs.

Overview of Alternative Payments in California

Since 1977, Alternative Payment Programs (APPs) have provided child care and family support to over 500,000 children and 281,000 families throughout California. APPs are located in each California county. APPs provide many services including:

  • subsidies for child care
  • enrollment in nutrition programs
  • training for child care providers
  • parenting classes for care givers
  • reporting and tracking of families and children served
  • assistance to parents in finding stable employment
  • enrollment in community health plans

There are 75 agencies with APP contracts, 18 of which are counties.

Who is CAPPA?

CAPPA is the premiere state association of organizations that provide child care subsidies to CalWORKs and working poor families throughout California. Established in 1977, CAPPA is the lead voice for public and private nonprofit agencies who contract with California Department of Education (CDE) to provide child care subsidies to families and to ensure children keep learning while parents are earning.

Who funds CAPPA?

Funding comes from member agencies and donations.

How does CAPPA help families and children?

  • We promote economic self-sufficiency by helping parents pay for the child care they need to work, look for work, or attend a training program.
  • We promote school readiness by providing children with access to quality child care and development programs.
  • We promote consumer responsibility by allowing parents to choose the child care program or programs that best meet their needs.
  • We ensure continuity of services by serving children from infancy through the school age years.
  • We increase employment options by accommodating non-traditional work schedules and the changing child care needs of families.
  • We facilitate access to family service programs.
  • We provide parent education and important health and safety information.

How does CAPPA help Child Care Professionals?

  • We provide ongoing support services to child care programs and providers.
  • We provide access to information and connection to child nutrition programs, resource libraries, and continuing education opportunities.

How does CAPPA help communities?

  • We advocate for quality child care programs in local communities.
  • We collaborate with community-based family and child Welfare organizations to provide comprehensive family support services.
  • We provide economic growth through payments to local child care businesses.