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August 16, 2019
Subsidized Provider Information Report Technical Assistance Webinar

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Visit this page for the January 25, 2018 Webinar: Eligibility, Certification, Recertification and Notice of Action and the September 28, 2017 Webinar: Budget Act of 2017: Implementation of 12-month Eligibility- in partnership with CAPPA


2019 - 20 Funding Terms and Conditions 


Management Bulletins and Information

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  • January 2, 2020
    Management Bulletin 20-01: California State Preschool Program (CSPP) Free or Reduced-Price Meal Eligibility Criteria to Enroll Four-Year-Olds

  • December 20, 2019
    12-Month Eligibility and CalWORKs Regulations 
    The proposed 12-Month Eligibility and CalWORKs regulations have been withdrawn from the rulemaking process as of December 20, 2019.
    Until permanent regulations are in effect, continue to follow Management Bulletin (MB) 17-14 which includes the Implementation Guidance for 12-month eligibility.
    The 12-Month Eligibility Notice Not to Proceed has been posted to the CDE 12-Month Eligibility and CalWORKs rulemaking web page and can be found at:  

  • December 16, 2019
    Information to Agencies Regarding the Passing of Assembly Bill 5
    Attention: ELCD Contracting Agencies   

     The ELCD has received concerns regarding the recent passage of Assembly Bill (AB) 5, which codifies the legal test to be used to determine which professions in California can be designated as employees versus independent contractors for purposes of the Labor Code, the Unemployment Insurance Code, and the IWC wage orders, and how this new law will impact agencies working with subsidized childcare programs. 
    It is the CDE's position that licensed family child care providers and license-exempt providers working in subsidized childcare programs are not employees of the state or any agency that provides reimbursement to the provider, whether reimbursement is through a family child care education network or an alternative payment program, and AB 5 did not change that.  
    The recent passage of AB 378, which established collective bargaining rights for family child care providers, amended the Education Code (EC) to include language that addresses this concern. The EC Section 8432.5 specifically provides:
    EC 8432.5 Family childcare providers are not public employees, and this article does not create an employer-employee relationship between family childcare providers and the state, any agency or department of the state, any political subdivision of the state, or a contractor or subcontractor administering a state-funded early care and education program, for any purpose, including, but not limited to, eligibility for health or retirement benefits, workers' compensation, unemployment insurance, liability under the Labor Code or state wage orders, or vicarious liability in tort. This article does not alter the status of a family childcare provider as a business owner, an employee of a family, or a contractor.

  • December 10, 2019
    California State Preschool Program Local Educational Agencies Exempt from Licensing Emergency Regulations

  • November 6, 2019
    Management Bulletin 19-08:
    FY 2019-20 RFA for CSPP Expansion Funds

  • November 5, 2019
    Management Bulletin 19-09:
    FY 2019-20 RFA for CCTR Expansion Funds

  • October 15, 2019
    ELCD Welcomes Director Stephen Propheter
    State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond is excited to announce that Stephen Propheter has been selected to be the new Director of the ELCD at the CDE starting on October 11, 2019.

  • October 14, 2019

    12-Month Eligibility and CalWORKs Regulations
    All California State Preschool Program Executive Directors, Program Directors and other interested parties:
    This notice is to inform interested parties that pursuant to the requirements of California Government Code Section 11346.4(a), the 12-Month Eligibility and CalWORKs Regulations have been
    posted to the CDE Proposed Rulemaking and Regulations web page at https://www.cde.ca.gov/re/lr/rr/
    Any interested person, or that person’s authorized representative, may submit written comments relevant to the proposed regulatory action. Comments must be received by the Regulations
    Coordinator prior to or on October 29, 2019. Instructions on how to submit public comments can be found on the CDE Proposed Rulemaking and Regulations web page listed above.
    All written comments received by CDE staff during the public comment period are subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act.

  • September 30, 2019
    Most Current Review Guide- October 2019

  • September 17, 2019


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