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Provider Information Notices (PINs)
Child Care Licensing Program (CCLP)

Provider Information Notices (PINS)






2022 CCP

  • PIN 22-22-CCP - Family Child Care Home License Incentive Payments for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic Relief
  • PIN 22-21-CCP - Child Care Licensing Webinars
    Translations: Español | 한국어 | 中文 | Tiếng Việt | فارسی | русский | عربي
  • PIN 22-20-CCP - Resources and Requirements on Lead Testing in Child Care
  • PIN 22-19-CCP - 2021 Chaptered Legislation (Informational Only) for Child Care Facilities
  • PIN 22-18-CCP - Child Care Licensing Webinars
  • PIN 22-17-CCP - Live Virtual Orientation For Family Child Care Homes
  • Translations: Español | 한국어 | 中文 | Tiếng Việt | فارسی | русский | عربي
  • PIN 22-16-CCP - Governor's Executive Order N-04-22 Regarding Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and the Expiration of COVID-19 Waivers
  • PIN 22-15-CCP - Child Care Licensing Webinars
  • PIN 22-14-CCP - Live Virtual Orientation For Family Child Care Homes
  • PIN 22-13-CCP - Preventative Health and Safety Course Includes Prevention of Lead Exposure for New Applicants
  • PIN 22-12-CCP - Child Care Licensing Webinars
    Translations: Español | 한국어 | 中文 | Tiếng Việt | فارسی | русский | عربي
  • PIN 22-11-CCP - Live Virtual Orientation For Family Child Care Homes
  • PIN 22-10-CCP - Updated Guidance for Child Care Providers Regarding Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
  • PIN 22-09-CCP - Live Virtual Orientation for Family Child Care Homes
  • Translations: Español | 한국어 | 中文 | Tiếng Việt | فارسی | русский | عربي
  • PIN 22-08-CCP - Child Care Licensing Webinars
  • Translations: Español | 한국어 | 中文 | Tiếng Việt | فارسی | русский | عربي
  • PIN 22-07-CCP - Updates to the California Department of Public Health Guidance for Child Care Providers and Programs
  • PIN 22-06-CCP - Lead Testing in Child Care Centers – Frequently Asked Questions
  • PIN 22-05-CCP - Statewide Launch of Child Care Licensing Compliance and Regulatory Enforcement (CARE) Pre-licensing Tool
  • PIN 22-04-CCP - Live Virtual Orientation for Prospective Family Child Care Homes
  • PIN 22-03-CCP - Child Care Licensing Webinars
  • Translations: Español | 한국어 中文 | Tiếng Việt فارسی русский عربي
  • PIN 22-02-CCP - Best Practices Related to the Provision of Incidental Medical Services in Child Care Centers and Family Child Care Homes
  • PIN 22-01-CCP - Governor’s Executive Order N-21-21 Regarding Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and the Expiration of COVID-19 Waivers
  • Translations: Español | 한국어 中文 | Tiếng Việt فارسی русский عربي
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Hot Topics

  • The Department is available to support organizations with their emergency child care needs and to connect with community partners in the early learning and care profession so your staff can continue to provide critical services. To provide emergency temporary child care for essential workers, we recommend assessing the child care needs for your organization or community by taking the following survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FK56LW2
  • Emergency blanket waivers can be found here. To request a waiver falling outside of the blanket, please contact your local regional office .
  • Approved Emergency Child Care Waivers
  • The Coronavirus (COVID-19) health emergency is a fluid situation with rapidly changing information and guidance. Please see https://covid19.ca.gov for an overview of the most up-to-date information.
  • CDSS understands the impact the Novel Coronavirus has had on child care and the school systems. A temporary workforce may be needed in order to comply with staff to child ratios. If you are interested in working at a child care site, please click on the link below to complete a survey:
    https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/emergencychildcareworker As a reminder, all temporary and permanent employees should have a background clearance.
  • Announcement: To reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Community Care Licensing Division is temporarily suspending all in-person orientations until further notice.

Also, in an effort to learn of facilities impacted by the Coronavirus, we urge child care providers to report to their local regional offices, any suspected Coronavirus exposure at their facilities. Please use the provided Unusual Incident Report forms: Child Care CentersFamily Child Care Homes.

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