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COVID-19 Resources for Parents & Providers

Public Health Resources

Resources for Child Care Providers:

Resources for Parents 

  • Zero to Three:  Resources offering tips for families including age-appropriate responses to common questions, a guide to self-care, and activities for young children experiencing social distancing.
  • KIDANGO: Learn at Home kits and online resources provide parents with the tools to play together, read together, and learn together while maintaining your physical and mental health.
  • HealthyKidsHealthyFutures.org:  Modeling healthy habits through your environment, daily activities, and collaboration with parents can make a huge impact on the well-being of kids in your care.
  • First5LA:  While COVID-19 has closed preschools and elementary schools, your child's learning can - and should - continue at home.
  • VeryWellFamily:  Fun Learning Activities for Kids You Can Do at Home
  • New York Times: Handling Your Kid’s Disappointment When Everything Is Canceled
  • Lakeshore Learning: Over 1,000 Free Resources

Community Resources