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President Biden's stimulus package includes unprecedented tax benefits  and new tax credits for California’s working families and children.  Families can benefit by these gains but only if we can get the information into their hands.  Please join an expert panel -- April 1st at 2:30 p.m. -- to support you with information and answers to these questions:

  • Which families qualify for the tandem child AND child-care tax credits (now refundable), and how do they mesh with state credits, including the state EITC?
  • What benefits will flow to families this calendar year, and what benefits arrive in 2022?
  • How do these new credits interact with alternative payments for child care? Will this sudden boost in family income affect eligibility for subsidized child care and pre-k?
  • What networks can be activated in California to disseminate simple information out to parents?
  • How can community-based organizations share these benefits with families?

Panelists include:

Co-hosted by the California Alternative Payment Program Association and UC Berkeley, School of Education.


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To better support our field, CAPPA, in partnership with CDE, will be hosting an informational training for our field virtually! This Statewide Meeting will bring our field together to share insights and experiences, explore ideas, shape policy, and discuss best practices. During this training we will kick-off our day with a keynote presentation, before we move into our two breakouts; one for line staff and one for managers. You will have the option of selecting which breakout you will be attending after our kick-off session.  We hope you can join us!


9:30am-10:30am- Kick-Off Presentation

Let Joy Hold Your Heart: The 5 Essential Foundations to a Strong &
Successful Life

Michelle Graham, CEO and author of Undefined More Than the Sum of my Losses, will be sharing her Five Essential Foundations to living a strong and successful life. By identifying and diving into some of the very basic concepts of humanity, this training reminds us all of how we can take tiny steps toward huge change. Building our own character, through: love, forgiveness, healing, growth and ultimately living a life of joy.

If you asked your 10 year old self who you would be when you grew up… would that 10 year old recognize the adult you have become? … Good or bad we have made choices to be who we are today. Our relationships, time, career, beliefs… these choices have dictated our current successes and failures.

At a time in our world where fear, confusion, chaos, has never been more evident, there is no better time to look inside yourself, and ensure that you are living the life you desire. This training will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, and spend some time reflecting on how to live a life of JOY! 

10:30am-11:30am- Breakout Session #1 (choose between two workshops)

A) Managing and Motivating Today’s Remote Employees- Part 1

  • Proven methods to track remote employees’ productivity and performance
  • How to keep your team engaged when they don’t work in the same office
  • The keys to coach, mentor and even discipline from afar
  • Tips for encouraging team members to interact and communicate better
  • Up-to-date requirements for the hot-button legal issues involved in managing remote workers
  • And much more!

    Our presenter:Patti Cuthill, Director of People and Culture, NextLevel Internet
    Patti currently serves as the Director of People and Culture where she helps build and nurture a positive work environment valued by all NextLevel employees. Patti’s passion for creating a work culture where relationships are valued and prioritized is what has helped her succeed as a People Leader. Since joining NextLevel she has lead culture transformation efforts that has resulted in NextLevel achieving Top 10 Best Places to Work by the San Diego Business Journal for 2019 & 2020 and Great Place to Work for All in 2020. Prior to joining NextLevel, Patti held leadership roles in Human Resources for CPU Medical Management, Rock Cancer CARE, CliniComp International, Rock Church & Academy, and Comic-Con. She also severed as an Intelligence Officer in the United States Navy. Patti serves on the San Diego SHRM Board of Directors as President-Elect, volunteers at The Honor Foundation and is on the Military Transition Services Team at Veteran affairs of North County. Patti has participated as a board member for the San Diego Food Bank and Neighborhood House Association (Head Start Policy Council Chair), and Vice Chairwoman on the board of directors of Resounding Joy.
B) Income Calculations, CDE Staff

Workshop description TBD

11:30am-12:30pm- Lunch Break

12:30pm-1:30pm- Breakout Session #2 (choose between two workshops)

A) Managing and Motivating Today’s Remote Employees- Part 2

B) GAU Updates, CDE Staff

 Workshop description TBD

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Past Training Handouts


CAPPA Audit Training, In partnership with CDE- Handouts
January 15, 2021

Fiscal Requirements
Robert Kurokawa, Audit Manager, Child Development Audits, Audits & Investigations Division, CDE

Audit Requirements
Laura Langston, Audit Manager, Audit Report Review Section, Audits & Investigations Division, CDE

How to Prepare for an Audit from an Independent Auditor’s Perspective
Matt Parsons and Art Ngo, Moss Adams

Tax Resources from Lauren Haverlock, Moss Adams:

  • great article on the 1099-NEC reporting requirements. I thought I’d send both in case either response could help one of your organizations:

Regarding the 1099 filings, how should the state of California be handled with the two filing groups? Does the upload automatically go to California and is it ok if they get two deliveries of the files for the NEC and the MISC?

There are separate rules for state filings for Forms 1099MISC and 1099 NEC.  The Form 1099-MISC is still accepted into the federal/state combined filing program whereas the NEC is not.  The states that require NEC reporting require it to be submitted directly to the state.

California does participate in the combined filing program for the 1099-MISC, so if a filer has signed up to participate in the program then their 1099-MISC information will be provided to California.  The NEC information needs to be provided directly to the FTB.

Is there any need for a California based organization to remit the 1099s to the other states outside of CA?

State filing requirements are generally based on the location of services performed and so CA payers that pay recipients across the country will likely have a number of different state filing obligations.  Although there is a recent rule in CA that deems services provided that benefit a CA company, regardless of where they are performed, CA source income.   This is very new, so we’ve still been unpacking that and its implications for out of state (and out of country) residents in terms of services paid by CA companies.