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Workplace Wellness Academy ™
An online course to help increase your well-being at work and in life.
With stress and anxiety on the rise, there is no better time than now to focus on wellness. This 2 hour online course equips you and your staff with 20+ tools for less stress and more success.
CAPPA and Generation Wellness have partnered to bring you this course for half price (member). Register now to learn new strategies and feel empowered during these stressful times. 
Here's What's Covered in the Workplace Wellness Academy:
  • Brain/Body Response to Stress
    Explore the latest neuroscience and effects of stress and trauma. 
  • Emotional First-Aid
    Learn simple strategies to self-regulate during stressful situations or traumatic events.
  • Self-Care Practices
    Create a self-care toolkit and resiliency plan.
  • Energy-Audit and Scheduling
    Increase energy through auditing activities, goal-setting, and time blocking.
  • Workplace Wellness
    Create foundational practices that cultivate connection and well-being in the workplace.
  • Bonuses
    Complete the course in 30 days and access bonuses.
Terms + Conditions
You have 30 days to complete this course from the time you enroll. Once you complete this course, you will get access to bonus material and a certificate of completion. Last date of purchase available on September 10, 2020.

Our Regional Meetings Are Going Virtual!

These Regional Meetings provide many rich opportunities to develop community and engage and learn from one another - we are committed to providing a space to do this, online, this July.  Take advantage of this chance to collaborate with other agencies and learn about a variety of hot topics-ALL staff are encouraged to attend.

 This series will be delivered in a format that is very participatory.
 We encourage all participating to come with questions, as well as samples for each of the topics that will be discussed. 

Topics to include:

Best Practices Session (10:00am-10:45am):

  • How to work with families and meet CDE requirements in this remote world.
  • 12-Month Eligibility Regulations (input due July 27th)
  • Federal IPIA and GAU Discussion
  • 2020-21 Funding Terms and Conditions
  • Health & Safety Training Requirements
  • Attendance vs. Invoicing
  • Digital vs. Electronic

CAPPA Budget and Legislative Discussion and Updates 

  • Outcome of Enactment of State Budget- what is still to come? 
  • Update on Child Care Provider Union 
  • Issues in AB 2883

Peer-to-Peer Networking Session (11:30am-12:00pm):
This portion of the agenda will allow attendees to share their successful strategies, tools and ideas.

**If there are topics that you would be interested in adding to the agenda, please let us know!**

Region Map
Refer to the below map to see which Region your agency is in.  


Past Training Handouts


June 4, 2020 Child Care & End Child Poverty in CA Virtual Advocacy Day Handouts 

January 22, 2020- Child Care & End Child Poverty in CA Advocacy Day: Budget Training
December 4, 2019- CAPPA Audit Training
August 14, 2019- "Everything Fiscal" Training
CAPPA Statewide Meetings:
Child Care Advocacy Day, January 23, 2019
CAPPA Audit Training, December 5, 2018
CAPPA Training: Everything Fiscal Training in Sacramento, August 15, 2018
CAPPA Statewide Meetings in Sacramento, June 21, 2018 and Pomona, April 5, 2018
CAPPA Budget & Advocacy Day
January 18, 2018
Kristin Schumacher, California Budget & Policy Center
Sarah Neville-Morgan, Early Education & Support Division, CDE
Mike Herald, Western Center on Law & Poverty
CAPPA Training: "Everything Fiscal" 
August 23, 2017 
CAPPA delivered a training focused specifically on APP fiscal issues on August 23rd in Sacramento. Workshops included "Fiscal Essentials" from CDE Fiscal Services, information from a field auditor on auditing practices and another on Agency Projections so that agencies can better monitor their contracts and also learn best practices that work efficiently. Please see handouts below:


Does Your Organization have an event you would like to add to CAPPA's event calendar?

Let us know!