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Agency Membership

Any contractor with the California Department of Education or the Department of Social Services or a subcontractor of either Department is qualified for Membership if there is a direct contractual relationship with the California Department of Education or the Department of Social Services or a subcontractor of either Department for the administration of an alternative payment program or CalWORKs. 

CAPPA membership fees are based on your total your MRA (fiscal year 2016-2017) from agency programs.

2017-2018 Agency Application


Dear CAPPA Member,

As we enter into 2017-18, we anticipate a continued infusion of funding and growth in our programs.  After several years of devastating cuts and the elimination of over 110,000 child care slots, we finally have been able to realize an increase in provider rates and slots.  CAPPA has a plan to build on those achievements by advocating and supporting legislators who are on record asking the Governor to honor his promise of more funding targeted towards increasing provider rates and slots.  CAPPA is committed to working on realizing an increase to the State Median Income (SMI) that supports families becoming more stable before incoming out; to supporting investments of funding in our provider workforce so that families have greater access and choices for the care for their children; to supporting more slots for children from birth on delivered by a true mixed delivery system; and finally to work on breaking down the walls that separate Proposition 98 slots from General Fund slots, walls that result in monies going back to the state and families left unserved.

To help CAPPA maximize the most advantageous outcomes for our programs, your CAPPA Board of Directors is in the midst of pursing an aggressive advocacy agenda.  The agenda includes:

  • Advocacy for keeping child care dollars in our field to support families in process of eligibility determination that may complete the process after June 30; 
  • Advocacy to secure onetime funding that agencies can access to improve technology and infrastructure and better support families;
  • Strong support of legislation for 12-month re/eligibility determination periods coupled with a dramatic reduction of burdensome reporting requirements imposed on parents;
  • Strong support of legislation to increase the SMI for families to income out at the 85percent of the current year; and
  • Working with the California Department of Education towards realizing a funding stream for contractors that does not warrant them ever having to make the choice of securing loans or bridge funding between released allocations. 

But we cannot make the all of this happen without your membership dues. 

In addition to the above, CAPPA puts out the CAPPA Monday Morning e-newsletter 50 weeks per year.  We have developed an expansive website dedicated to supporting our field with up-to-date information on coalition advocacy partnership opportunities, budget and legislation, agency best practices, and more.  CAPPA also supports you by representing agency specific, and child care and early learning information to individual legislators, committees, state departments, and to a host of stakeholders including the California Chamber of Commerce, First 5, Early Education and Support Division of CDE, California welfare departments, and many more.  Finally, the CAPPA staff support agencies with transfers of one times monies between agencies in different counties thus maximizing the number of families that can be served in a contract year; peer-to-peer communications allowing for the sharing and networking of information in our electronic world; and personal attention to help remedy a number of issues agencies encounter via the everyday operations of supporting families.  

Additionally, a built-in benefit of being a CAPPA member is having CAPPA staff located in Sacramento.  Because of this, CAPPA can immediately provide our agencies  a voice and presence before Federal and State agencies, legislators, policy committees and their staff, as well as with our sister organizations, county and county welfare systems,  and broader organizations.  However, it is only with your support and participation as a member that makes it all work! 

Given the number of programs in California and the numbers of families that are served by our programs it is vitally important that CAPPA continue to be a strong and consistent voice for our programs and for the families and children that our programs support. To help ensure CAPPA and its members continue to be effective and instrumental in shaping and maximizing the services to our families, renewal of your membership is key. 

With your continued support CAPPA will continue to deliver all of the above in addition to:

  • Greater coordination of one-time transfers of funding coupled with greater oversight of state budget projections and timely release of agency augmentations.
  • More member only legislative, budget and regulatory conference calls and materials.
  • More topic focused hosted “conversations” about issues important to our agencies.
  • Once again offering a Joint Annual Conference --- in partnership with the California Child Care Resource & Referral Network --- This partnership will result in a reduced overall cost for attendees to participate and network. 
  • A CAPPA Monday Morning e-Newsletter that details what CAPPA is doing for you, articles from elected legislators/ officials and field leaders specifically wanting to communicate with CAPPA members.
  • Reinvention of regional networking and meetings facilitated by CAPPA board members and agency leaders.
  • Much much more!!

On behalf of our 2016-17 board members and our new infusion of 2017-2018 board members, we the CAPPA Board and as your colleagues in the field, ask that you join us again to support CAPPA with your membership and your participation.  The real strength of CAPPA comes from a membership that is united, a strong voice that reflects our community realities and a commitment from each member to help our families and programs advocate effectively through CAPPA. 


The CAPPA Board of Directors

2017-2018 Agency Application