CAPPA Committees

Public Policy Committee and Subcommittees

To help support the CAPPA and your Board of Directors moving forward, we have a couple opportunities for volunteers. 

  • Public Policy Committee – This committee will be co-chaired by Phillip Warner, Children’s Council of San Francisco and Jeff Moreira, Crystal Stairs. This committee is responsible for developing policy, budget and regulatory priorities.  The participation is done via conference call and webinar format.  Meeting schedules and other details to be determined by the committee.  Click here to let us know your interest.

  • CAPPA Subcommittee on CCDBG, Regulations and Best Practices -   This subcommittee will be chaired by Joanna “Joie” Owen. This subcommittee will focus on developing input to make the needed changes for California to realize implementation of the 2014 reauthorized Child Care Development and Block Grant requirements; in addition to developing a menu of sample best practices that agencies can use or make their own.

  • CAPPA Subcommittee on Agency Funding – This subcommittee will be chaired by Tina Barna.  The focus of the committee will be to identify those issues that affect smaller agencies differently.  Click here to let us know your interest.

2016/17 Public Policy Committee:

Members: Phillip Warner (Co-Chair), Children’s Council of San Francisco; Jeff Moreira (Co-Chair), Crystal Stairs, Inc.; Trudy Adair-Verbais, Santa Barbara County Education Office; Beth Chiaro, Child Care Resource Center; Karen Marlatt, Valley Oak Children’s Services; Rick Richardson, Child Development Associates; Jolie Burberl, Child Development Associates; Amanda Al Fartosi, KinderCare Education; Ric Diaz, Child Development Resources of Ventura County; Beverly Tidwell, Children’s Home Society; Cheryl Nelson, Community Connection for Child Care/KCSOS; Shannon Nelson, Crystal Stairs, Inc.; Gina Ayllon, Professional Association for Childhood Educators; Jacob Vigil, KinderCare Education; Joanna “Joie” Owen, Glenn County Office of Education-Child and Family Services; Abby Shull, YMCA Childcare Resource Center, Kathleen Ferenchak, 4C of Santa Clara County

The Public Policy committee is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations on legislation introduced within a legislative year, as well as taking positions on the state budget. The CAPPA Public Policy Committee and CAPPA staff review each piece of legislation and decide whether or not part or 
the entire bill could have an effect on subsidized child care, Alternative Payment Programs, low-income families, child care centers, CalWORKs, non-profits, business issues such as independent contractor issues, licensing, children, etc. If a bill is identified with an impact, the CAPPA board and public policy committee are asked to review the bill.  Once reviewed and based on the approved policy principles decision will be made for CAPPA to either support, oppose or remain neutral on a bill.   Click here to see the most current bills we are tracking.

Additionally, this committee has oversight of the two focused subcommittees noted below:

CAPPA Subcommittee on CCDBG, Regulations and Best Practices:

Members: Chair Joanna “Joie” Owen, Glenn County Office of Education-Child and Family Services; Jeanne Fridolfs, Community Resources for Children; Colette Kudumu, Community Child Care Coordinating Council of Santa Clara County; Elaine Henning, Santa Cruz County Parents Association; Wendy Hood, Plumas Rural Services; Mindy Brown, Valley Oak Children’s Services; Genie Allen, 4Cs of San Mateo; Kim McDougal, YMCA Childcare Resource Center, Jolie Burberl, Child Development Associates

CAPPA Subcommittee on Agency Funding:

Members: Chair Tina Barna, Choices for Children; Beth Chiaro, Child Care Resource Center; Teri Sedrick, North Coast Opportunities, Inc.; Stuart Orlinsky, Child Development Resources of Ventura County; Mike Michelon, Siskiyou Child Care Council 

The vast majority of the committee and subcommittee work is done via conference call and email.  The members also have the opportunity if available to come to Sacramento wherein CAPPA staff will connect you with meetings to educate legislators and/or testify at hearings.

The commitment for each of the above is one year.  Also, on Wednesday October 19, 2016 from 10:00am-1:00pm, the first morning of the conference, CAPPA will be hosting a meeting in the morning to bring all of the volunteers together. 

Finance Committee:

Karen Marlatt
Valley Oak Children's Services

Beth Chiaro
Child Care Resource Center 


Membership Committee:

CAPPA's Membership Committee is responsible for membership retention and growth. This committee makes recommendations to the Board on membership services and needs, the membership dues structure, the member handbook and other issues affecting the industry.

Teri Sedrick
North Coast Opportunities, Inc.

Tina Barna
Choices for Children-Lake Tahoe

CAPPA Staff:
Danielle Metzger

Branding Committee:

CAPPA's Branding Committee provides ideas and feedback to assist in the development and implementation of a strategy to enhance the public’s education about the field.  They make recommendations to the CAPPA Board about potential goals, strategy and approach for marketing, branding, and communications.They assist in the ongoing development and implementation of strategy to continue to improve communication within the membership.

Rick Richardson
Child Development Associates, Inc. 

Phillip Warner
Children's Council San Francisco 


Professional Development/Training Committee:

CAPPA's Professional Development/Training Committee promotes the professional growth of CAPPA members in all areas of technical assistance, best practices and training development.They assists CAPPA staff in identifying professional development needs based on issues and developments in the field, as well as through membership feedback and surveys. 

Jeffrey Moreira
Crystal Stairs, Inc. 

Jeanne Fridolfs
Community Resources for Children

2017 Joint Conference Committee:

The Conference Committee is responsible for planning and implementing the Annual Conference. The committee ensures that the program will reflect the goals of CAPPA and The Network and contributes to the overall dynamics and success of the conference. The Committee presents ideas and establishes timelines and agendas. The Committee coordinates conference committee activities, establishing a high level of communication between and among the committee, the association coordinator and others.


Mindy Brown
Valley Oak Children's Services- Butte County

Vanessa Dilks
Child Care Links- Alameda County

Phan Fong
Child Care Links- Alameda County 

Jeanne Fridolfs
Community Resources for Children- Napa County 

Shannon Griffin
4Cs of Alameda County- Alameda County

Claudia Quinonez
Children's Council San Francisco- San Francisco County

Angela Rodriguez
Supportive Services Inc.- Fresno County

Ruth Rodriguez
Kings Community Action Organization- Kings County

Kenya Ruiz
Options for Children- Los Angeles County

Niki VonHundley
Child Care Resource Center- Los Angeles County

Lourdes Vose
Sierra Nevada Children's Services- Sierra and Nevada Counties

Danielle Metzger

Cindy Mall