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State Legislation

Upcoming Legislative Hearings (click here to be directed to CalChannel):  Last Updated: August 13, 2018

August 16, 2018
  • ASM Appropriations @ Upon adjournment of Session - State Capitol, Room 4202
    • SB 918 (Weiner) Homeless Youth Act of 2018
    • SB 1123 (Jackson) - Disability compensation: paid family leave
    • SB 1446 (Glazer) - CalWORKS: welfare-to-work

  • SEN Appropriations @ Upon adjournment of Session - John L. Burton Hearing Room (4203)

    • AB 60 (Santiago) - Subsidized child care and development services: stages of child care: CalWORKs.
    • AB 605 (Mullin) - Child day care facilities: infant to schoolage license.
    • AB 1754 (McCarty) - State full-day preschool program: eligibility for enrollment: low income schools
    • AB 1883 (Weber) - Child care and development services
    • AB 1921( Maienschein) - CalWORKs: housing assistance
    • AB 1952 (Mayes) - Social services: access to food
    • AB 1957 (Berman) - Social Services Modernization, Efficiency, and Due Process Protection Act of 2018
    • AB 1992 (Chu) - CalWORKS eligibility: immunizations
    • AB 2001 (Reyes) - Family child care education networks
    • AB 2023 (Caballero) - Personal income taxes: working families child care tax credit
    • AB 2269 (Lackey) - CalWORKs: eligibility
    • AB 2292 (Aguiar-Curry) - Child care: reimbursement rates: startup costs: grants
    • AB 2313 (Stone, Mark) - Electronic benefits transfer system
    • AB 2326 (Rubio) - CalWORKs: welfare-to-work: exemption
    • AB 2397 (Obernolte) - Health and human services: information sharing: administrative actions
    • AB 2626 (Mullin D) Child care services.
    • AB 2698 (Rubio D) California state preschool programs: general child care and development programs: mental health consultation services: adjustment factors.
    • AB 2960 (Thurmond D) Child care and development services: online portal.

The CAPPA Public Policy Committee and CAPPA staff review each piece of legislation and decide whether or not part or the entire bill could have an effect on subsidized child care, Alternative Payment Programs, low-income families, child care centers, CalWORKs, non-profits, business issues such as independent contractor issues, licensing, children, etc. If a bill is identified with an impact, the CAPPA board and public policy committee are asked to review the bill.  

Once reviewed and based on the approved policy principles a decision will be made for CAPPA to either support, oppose or remain neutral on a bill.  


Keep up-to-date on the bills that are important to our field with CAPPA's all new extensive bill tracking system. 

This database is updated daily. 
Visit CAPPA's Bill Tracking Page HERE.  (This is a member only benefit and you must be signed in to view). 
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For the 2017-18 legislative session, The Assembly introduced 3,239 Assembly bills and the Senate introduced 1,490 Senate bills. To review legislation or to create your own tracking list, click here.   

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Legislation with Fact Sheets, Coalition/Templates & Sign-On Opportunities

In the spirit of partnership and sharing, we will be supporting the field with legislative and advocacy information, background fact sheets and letter templates to communicate positions and/or to sign on as part of a broader coalition. Assembly Bills (AB) and Senate Bills (SB) that are being tracked are noted below.  The bill link will take you to the page noting the most recent version of the bill along with bill history and bill analyses when available.  As fact sheets and sample templates become available, they too will be hosted.  Please email us if you would like to have a bill hosted here. To search for bills. click here. 

Active 2017-18 Bills

Assembly Bills (AB):

Senate Bills (SB)

It is important that we as a field, are united and strong in our "asks".  To that end, below are two considerations that we hope to see in all advocacy platforms that are put forth:

  • All provider types and programs must be lifted together; not one part of the child care and early learning system at the expense of another.
  • The mixed delivery system of public and private child care and early learning programs are jointly funded to ensure that absolutely all slots are filled and not one dollar is sent back to Sacramento at the end of the fiscal year.  

Legislative Resources:


AB 1754                (McCarty D)   Pre-K for All Act of 2018.

 AB 1883               (Weber D)   Human services: child care and development services: food assistance benefits.

 AB 1921               (Maienschein R)   CalWORKs: housing assistance.

 AB 1942               (Santiago D)   California Earned Income Tax Credit: Earned Income Tax Credit Information Act.

 AB 1952               (Mayes R)   Social services: access to food.

 AB 1992               (Chu D)   CalWORKs eligibility: immunizations.

 AB 2023               (Caballero D)   Personal income taxes: working families child care tax credit.

 AB 2269               (Lackey R)   CalWORKs: eligibility.

 AB 2303               (Thurmond D)   Taxation: prison contracts: goods and services.

 AB 2702               (McCarty D)   Trustline registry.

 AB 2960               (Thurmond D)   Child care and development services: online portal.