2023 End Child Poverty & Child Care Advocacy Day Legislative Packets

During our January 4, 2023 Advocacy Day, each legislative office received a special packet full of district specific data on strengthening and supporting whole families in their district.  Further in the packet is information regarding Poverty, Early Learning Needs of Families and Children, Child Care and other Family Supports, and the Impactful Investments Needed in 2023.


Individual member packets may be found below for download:     


Dawn Addis                                        Laurie Davies                                         Alex Lee                                        Luz Rivas                                     
Cecilia M. Aguiar-Curry Diane Dixon Monique Limon Robert Rivas
Juan Alanis Bill Dodd Even Low Freddie Rodriguez
Benjamin Allen Maria Durazo Josh Lowenthal  Richard Roth
Marie Alvarado-Gil Susan Eggman Brian Maienschein Blanca Rubio
David Alvarez Bill Essayli Devon Mathis Susan Rubio
Joaquin Arambula Heath Flora Kevin McCarty Kate Sanchez
Bob Archuleta Mike Fong Mike McGuire Miguel Santiago
Angelique Ashby Vince Fong Caroline Menjivar Pilar Schiavo
Toni Atkins Laura Friedman Dave Min Kelly Seyarto
Jasmeet Bains Jesse Gabriel Tina McKinnor Nancy Skinner
Rebecca Bauer-Kahan James Gallagher Al Muratsuchi Lola Smallwood-Cuevas
Josh Becker Eduardo Garcia Josh Newman Esmeralda Soria
Steve Bennett Mike Gipson Janet Nguyen  Henry Stern
Marc Berman Steven Glazer Stephanie Nguyen Tri Ta
Catherine Blakespear Lena Gonzales Roger Niello Phillip Ting
Tasha Boerner Horvath Timothy Grayson Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh Thomas Umberg
Mia Bonta Shannon Grove Liz Ortega Avelino Valencia
Steven Bradford Matt Haney Blanca Pacheco Carlos Villapudua
Isaac Bryan Gregg Hart Steve Padilla Aisha Wahab
Anna Caballero Chris Holden Diane Papan Marie Waldron
Lisa Calderon Josh Hoover Jim Patterson Greg Wallis
Juan Carrillo Melissa Hurtado Joe Patterson Christopher Ward
Wendy Carrillo Jacqui Irwin Gail Pellerin Akilah Weber
Sabrina Cervantes Corey Jackson Cottie Petrie-Norris Buffy Wicks
Phillip Chen Brian Jones Anthony Portantino Scott Wiener
Damon Connolly Reginald Jones-Sawyer Sharon Quirk-Silva Scott Wilk
Dave Cortese Ash Kalra James Ramos Lori Wilson
Brian Dahle Tom Lackey Anthony Rendon Jim Wood
Megan Dahle John Laird Eloise Reyes Rick Zbur


2021 Child Care 101 Briefing to California Legislative Women's Caucus
CAPPA  04/24/2021

Individual member packets may be found below for download:             

Anna Caballero                    Jacqui Irwin                         Marie Waldron                         Sabrina Cervantes
Autumn Burke                      Janet Nguyen                      Megan Dahle                          Shannon Grove
Blanca Rubio                       Laura Friedman                  Melissa Hurtado                      Sharon Quirk Silva
Buffy Wicks                           Laurie Davies                     Melissa Melendez                    Susan Rubio
Cecilia Aguiar-Curry              Lisa Calderon                     Monique Limon                        Susan Eggman 
Connie Leyva                        Lena Gonzales                    Nancy Skinner                         Suzette Valladares
Cottie Petrie Norris                Lorena Gonzales                Patricia Bates                          Sydney Kamlager  
Cristina Garcia                       Luz Rivas                             Rebecca Bauer                        Tasha Boerner Horvath
Eloise Gomez Reyes             Maria Elena Durazo           Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh              Toni Atkins
Patrick O'Donnell*                  Kevin McCarty*                 James Gallagher*                    Wendy Carrillo

* = New Packet.

On Friday April 23rd 2021, CAPPA and fellow child care and early learning advocates delivered a virtual Child Care 101 informational to the California Legislative Women's CaucusThe event featured an overview of topics such as child care funding, provider types and history, as well as other supports for families. The aim of the webinar was to support legislative and district staff with information to make impactful budget and policy decisions.
The webinar provided more detail on the various parts that make up California’s child care system, including an overview of how its funded, how programs are reimbursed, and the capacity of different program types. Also covered was the 2021-22 ECE Coalition budget askOver 50 legislative staff were in attendance, including those from both district and capitol offices.
CAPPA CEO Denyne Colburn summed up the importance of the information shared during the event. "Child care is a critical component for the economy, to keep families working, and to keep families thriving. We look forward to continuing our partnership with all of those in the legislature." Colburn said to wrap up the event.
Each legislative office received a special packet full of district specific data on the families served amid the varying array of child care programs. Further in the packet is information regarding the cost of child care, eligibility and capacity. Also included is information about the different regional child care supports in each district, as well as a handy acronym sheet explaining some of the dizzying array of terms used in this field. Click here to view and download a copy of the slide show presentation.
Special thanks to our contributors and presenters: 
Valerie Denero - EveryChildCA
Nina Buthee - EveryChildCA
Keisha Nzewi - R&R Network
Heidi Keiser - Child Action, Inc.
Jamie Mauhay - Head Start CA
Elizabeth Holloway - Head Start CA
Jessica Guerra - Child Care Alliance, LA
Margot Grant Gould - First 5 Association of CA