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 Last Updated 9/27/2023

2023 State Legislation  

To keep up-to-date on the bills that are important to our field with CAPPA's extensive bill tracking system, available only to members. This database is updated daily.  

FACT SHEET = Bill fact sheet received from author's office or bill sponsor

AMENDED = This bill's language has been dramatically changed

LETTER = Sample letter template received either from the author's office or bill sponsor

Any bill in RED is no longer moving through the legislative process this year and any bill in GREEN has been signed and chaptered.

Senate and Assembly Committee Information, Rules & Position Letter Deadlines
How to Use the Position Letter Portal - Quick Reference Guide

Note: If you have any fact sheets / sample letter templates either from the author's office or bill sponsor that are not linked below, please feel free to send to CAPPA staff so we can host them on here.

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Bills have been heard in Appropriations and those that were passed will now be heard on the floor and voted on. Few have been rereferred to policy committee. Continue checking this page for more updates.

9/1 Assembly Appropriations Hearing (Suspense File): Click here for results.

9/1 Senate Appropriations Hearing (Suspense File): Click here for results. Click here for 2-year bill list.






Gut and Amended Bills:

Bills that went through gut and amend means the author made amendments to a bill remove the current contents in their entirety and replace them with different provisions.

  • SB 635 (Menjivar) Health care coverage: hearing aids.
  • SB 831 (Caballero) Agricultural workers: immigration: parole.
  • SB 803 (Becker) Excess state land: development of affordable housing.
  • AB 1352 (Bonta) Governing boards of school districts: censure or removal of members
  • SB 299 (Limon) Voter registration: California New Motor Voter Program.


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Legislative Resources:

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  • To see the Department of Finance Bill Analyses Click here.

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