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Your membership in CAPPA is one of the best investments you can make in your business. Don't wait another minute! Join or renew today and take advantage of all the benefits of membership. Lend your voice to CAPPA's advocacy and get first-hand information about the state of child care issues in California.

As we enter FY 2021-22, these times of uncertainty have become our new normal, but this has also been a time of great opportunity to support children, families and child care providers.    

Since March 2020, CAPPA has stepped up to support our members in maneuvering unchartered waters and constant change.  We asked of our CAPPA team to be available, to be flexible, and simply to be there when needed.  As an organization, we were focused on cementing CAPPA as a resource every agency could rely on, sometimes 24 hours, seven days per week. 

During this last year, the COVID pandemic forced agencies to face a dizzying number of changes such as moving to remote work environments, enrolling essential worker families, processing stipends and supporting stable reimbursement to providers during unstable times.  The unionization of family child care providers layered on another challenge for our members.  The pace of Management Bulletins and budget changes has been relentless, and our agencies have been strained, stretched, and challenged to keep up.

Yet, even with all of the challenges and obstacles put in our way, the CAPPA organization has become stronger. 

In this next year, we know that our agencies, our staff, and the families and children we support will continue to face changes.  We will be transitioning from the California Department of Education (CDE) to the California Department of Social Services (CDSS).  Through the pandemic and the emerging recovery, child care has been put in the spotlight.  More federal and state monies are being earmarked to greatly increase the number of child care slots in the immediate and coming years.  It is paramount that we become even stronger organizationally and support the growth of CAPPA that is needed to meet our ever-increasing needs.

We respectfully ask for your consideration of renewing your membership at the Champion Level so that we can continue the highest level of member support and secure needed resources to deliver timely data and information to decision makers and CDSS. 

In addition to the above, CAPPA will continue to put out the CAPPA Monday Morning e-newsletter50 weeks per year.  We have developed an expansive website dedicated to supporting our field with up-to-date information on coalition advocacy partnership opportunities, budget and legislation, agency best practices, and more.  CAPPA also supports you by representing agency-specific and child care and early education information to individual legislators, committees, state departments, and to a host of stakeholders including the California Chamber of Commerce, First 5, the Early Learning and Care Division of CDE, California welfare departments, and many more.  The CAPPA staff provide ongoing and consistent support to agencies in areas such as the development of best practices, responding to inquiries, facilitating regional trainings and information sharing, and simply being there to help remedy a number of issues agencies encounter via the everyday operations of supporting families.  

CAPPA has expanded communications with elected officials and staff to highlight the necessity of alternative payment programs in every county and the multitude of services being delivered to families.  As the CDE focus shifts from the child to the DSS focus on whole family, CAPPA’s priority is to provide constant and consistent information of how agencies have already embraced this move.

Given the number of programs in California and the numbers of families that are served by our programs, it is vitally important that CAPPA continue to strengthen its voice for our programs and for the families and children that our programs support. To help ensure CAPPA and its members continue to maximize services to families and child care providers, renewal of your membership is key. 

With your continued support CAPPA will continue to deliver all of the above in addition to:

  • More member-only legislative, budget and regulatory conference calls and materials.
  • More best practices and topic-focused hosted “conversations” about issues important to our agencies.
  • Working on statewide and regional trainings.
  • A CAPPA Monday Morning e-Newsletter that details what CAPPA is doing for you, articles from elected legislators/ officials and field leaders specifically wanting to communicate with CAPPA members.
  • Reinvention of regional networking and meetings facilitated by CAPPA board members and agency leaders.
  • A mid-year training focused SPECIFICALLY on APP in partnership with CDE and CDSS.
  • An APP ONLY fiscal and audit preparation training.
  • Much, much more!!

On behalf of the CAPPA Board of Directors, we ask that you join us again to support CAPPA with your membership and your participation.  The real strength of CAPPA comes from a membership that is united, a strong voice that reflects our community realities and diversities.   Thank you for all you do to lift up your communities!

Membership Types


Any contractor with the California Department of Education or the Department of Social Services or a subcontractor of either Department is qualified for Membership if there is a direct contractual relationship with the California Department of Education or the Department of Social Services or a subcontractor of either Department for the administration of an alternative payment program or CalWORKs.

2021-2022 Agency Application


  • Entities providing services and/or products to the contractors that support parents and families that are accessing early care and education programs and services.
  • Subsidized early care and education businesses including but not limited to fiduciary, payment systems, provider associations, early care and education advocates, governmental entities, foundations, not-for-profit organizations, as well as for profit interests. 

2021-2022 Affiliate Application
2021-2022 Affiliate Member Benefit Chart


Center Members are owners and managers of early care and education centers throughout California
2021-2022 Center Application


Individual with no affiliation to the above 

2021-2022 Individual Application

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