“Children Learning, Parents Earning, Communities Growing"

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The CAPPA Children's Foundation is committed to protecting and supporting working families and children from birth on with child care subsidies and access to California's rich early care and educational opportunities. To provide our earliest learners with the most advantageous outcomes, we must be vigilant in educating legislators that the votes and policies they make today will directly impact the lives of our children for decades to come.  

We are asking for a donation to help us continue this important work. Together, we have united and have been successful in getting our message heard that families cannot work and be self-sufficient without quality child care. Further, we have been on the front lines fighting to bring recognition of the needs of families, children, providers and the importance of the work that community based agencies and organizations do that serve low-income working families and children every day.  

Your generous gifts of support, past and future, are greatly valued as serious investments in furthering the work we do for working families. Please share our vision for a better future for our children, continue to be our partner, and invest in our efforts.  

Thank you for considering this opportunity to partner with The CAPPA Children's Foundation. If you have any questions regarding our organization please contact our Chief Executive Officer, Denyne Micheletti Colburn, at [email protected].

Please consider making a donation to help us continue our advocacy efforts.